maanantai 8. joulukuuta 2008

F2F 2008 - Day four

It was time to relax. I slept awfully long and ended up in the venue bit before the semifinals started for recurve women.
I watched the RW and RM semifinals and as the schedule was a bit off, decided to pop in downtown to have something to eat and do some sightseeing.
Somehow I managed to miss the finals while wandering around the city and had to hurry back to the hotel to grab my baggage. There was half an hour of pure frustration when I couldn't find my home or car keys. In the end I found those in small compartment in my bag where I had stuffed the keys so that I could easily find them.
I jumped into a train and arrived in Schipol early. Check-in was fast and I had time to have some dinner before the flight took off.
Flight was also okay and my baggage arrived all in one piece. Weather in Helsinki was quite cold, -5C and I had to spend about 15min scraping off the frost from the windshield. After all I arrived back home and collapsed in bed.

All in all, nice competition and very good experience for future matches. I just hope there were more matches in the national level competitions too.

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