maanantai 8. joulukuuta 2008

F2F 2008 - Day three

Very early wake up on Saturday morning. Around five o'clock it was. Had some breakfast and jumped in transportation to the hall. I managed to shoot around 40 arrows before the competition started 8:30.
Compared to previous matches, I had much more comfortable feeling to go to the line. I was actually having very pleasaant feeling and was looking forwards to shooting some great scores.

My first match was against Alan Wills from UK. The shooting was about the same as in practice hall and we tied with score of 115.

The second match was against Jan Oosterhuis from NED. Before this match started I got confused with if I was shooting from left or right and had to run back to the scoreboard to check the place. That somehow messed up with my mind and even though I should've beaten Jan with standard shooting, I managed to mess up the match completely. 110 was not an ok score for a match.

Third match was against Jean Charles Valladont. The confusion from the earlier match still messed up my shooting and I just couldn't get the performance I was looking for. JC on the other hand shot a good match scoreing 118 against my lousy 112 and the match was lost for me.

Fourth match was against Johan Schepers from NED. Again, I didn't shoot the score I was aiming for. There was at least a couple of arrows which Johan shot badly and I had to follow him. So we tied with score of 113 which wasn't too glorious score.

Last match was against Phillip Bottomley, again from NED. I managed to get my act together against Phillip. The shooting was good except for the last three arrows which I screwed up completely. I guess there was a feeling of already having won the match which lead to letting go and shooting around the target.

So I managed to get only one win and two tied matches which wasn't enough to get a free ride to next round. Also the 110 and 112 matches guaranteed that I wasn't either in lucky losers list for next round. In the end there was two persons and two points keeping me off from next round and I ended up 27. in the tournament.

To summarize the performance in matches. We don't shoot enough matches in Finland. There's only a couple of matches in some competition during the year even though matches are the current modern way of how archery is done. The lack of matches in competitions cannot prepare the archer to shoot good scores in international level.

The main problem for me in the bad matches was that I didnb't shoot for the score but for the match. In those occasions I just couldn't keep my shooting together. Immediately when I was able to shoot only for score, I started shooting 115 and abowe.

Also I have a bad habit of seeing/watching the other arrows fly and hit if I'm shooting from right side. From left side it's not a problem since the bow blocks the sight to the right side.

I also found out some new things about how my shoulderblade works in bow side. Have to concentrate a bit more on that.

Anyways, after the competition was over it was time to watch other shoot. In the evening some dinner and a self-organized banquet.

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