perjantai 5. joulukuuta 2008

F2F 2008 - Day two

After a long night sleep I managed to crawl downstairs for some breakfask. It truly hit the spot and I headed to the Sporthallen Zuid for some practice.

Shooting went well in the practices, about the same scores as I shot yesterday. At some point of practice I realized that I hadn't used the small plastic piece which was ment to be placed under left side of upper limb to correct the spiral from the limb. I placed the piece where it was supposed to be and the arrows didn't go to middle anymore. I ditched the piece of plastic and shot happily about 60 arrows to yellow.

About an hour before my own competition I had a small toast to drive away the worst hunger, shot a couple of arrows and off to the competition range we went. It was very nice to come to the range when the whole hall was pitch black, colored by different flashing lights and the music was playing loudly when the spectators were screaming and clapping their hands togethere. This is what archery is ment to be.

During the first three matches I was a bit nervous but still managed to score pretty well. The third match was just me alone so I had a chance of shooting calmly on my own. That however took the best edge off my shooting so the scores started dropping. The last match was quite a disaster. The weight almost left my longrod and the shooting was going literally downhill. I kept hitting low right, barely keeping the arrows in nine-ring. Maybe a couple of arrows too late I decided to mov the sight a bit and the arrows were again in the middle.

I managed to gain 8 match points from the frist round which gave me second position in our group of six, also giving me automatic pass to the next matches on Saturday.

I stayed at the hall until the last compounds had finished shooting. After that back to the hotel, some food and off to bed. Tomorrow morning it's quite early wake up because our group starts shooting first matches 8:30AM so I need to catch the 7AM buss to the hall.

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