perjantai 5. joulukuuta 2008

F2F 2008 - Day one

Wake up early in the morning after short slept night at around 5AM.
Off to the airport where the other Finns were waiting for me, of course accompanied by a small prank. At the gate we also bumped into one third of thr Estonia tem, percisely Taavi and Siim. They had booked their flight via Helsinki and the other direct flights from Tallinn to Amsterdam.

The flight was on schedule and quite pleasant even though the weather wasn't the best ever. At the luggage belt all of us Finns got both our bowcases and other luggage, the story for the Estomnian fellas was different. They got their bowcases but the rest of the luggage was still lying around in Tallinn.

We managed to grab a taxi van from the airport so we managed to squeeze the both teams in a single taxi. After checking in it was time for some lunch.

The team made a smart decision of having a small nap after the luch which really hit the spot. I could've personally slept for a couple of hours more but off to the practice range we headed after a couple of hours napping.

The practice range was quite okay. The targets were slightly dim but it didn't really hurt shooting. The first shots were quire weird as I couldn't pull the arrows through the clicker. Closer inspection on the clicker showed that it had moved in about 4-5mm which is quite much, so I corrected the clicker position and things went well after that. I was able to shoot mostly gold in the practices, only a couple of eights which gave a nice feeling for shooting.

The pace for shooting was actually pretty nice. Shooting three arrows in 90 seconds instead of the normal 120 seconds is much closer to my natural practice pace. I also checked how many arrows I'm able to fire off in the shorter time and came into conclusion that five arrows is the maximum amount of arrows which should do just fine.

So we spent about three and half hours in the practice range and I managed to shoot 120 arrows. Quite okay plractice after all.

In the evening it was time for some dinner at the hotel which lead to common yawning epidemy so the team pulled back to the rooms for early bedtime.

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