keskiviikko 15. huhtikuuta 2009

Genesis Golden Arrow + Genesis Silver Arrow - Luleå

I headed to Marko's place on Thursday afternoon and was there nicely in the evening for some dinner and early sleeping as the wake up for Friday was planed for four o'clock. On Friday we drove to Seinäjoki where the Aulis picked us up with the buss.
The bussride to Luelå was quite pleasant and felt really fast, maybe because of the quality video entertainment we had.

We arrived in Luleå around five local time, quickly checked in to the cabins and headed to the venue. I was able to shoot 120 arrows as practice. The same time I noticed how badly my arrows were actually flying so I made soem quick tuning to both plunger pressure and brace height.

On Saturday everything felt fine except that the sightmarks were a bit off. That was a bit weird since everything seemed to be quite fine on Thursday evening.
I started the FITA round nicely by shooting 292 from 90m which was quite an improvement to my previous summers crawling from that distance. 70m and 50m were on the other hand quite a struggle. I felt that even slightest pressure changed on the grip resulted in the arrows flying all over the target. Somehow the bow also felt very unbalanced. I shot 305 from 70m and 312 from 50m.
Before starting 30m round, I decided to remove the upper stabilizer from the bow and add one more weight to the longrod. The bow felt balanced again and 30m score of 335 was again a bit better, not perfect though.
The result from full FITA round was only 1244. I was aiming for something well over 1250, more likely nearer 1300 that below 1250 score. The round wasn't a complete disaster though as the 90m score was way higher than it has earlier been. The position after the round was ninth.

In the evening we had a small banquet spending time playing cards. I'm pretty sure everyone else cheated ;)

Sunday started with some warmup shooting and even though the bow felt quite stable, my group seemed to jump all over the target. The biggest jumps were almost 40cm which didn't give a good and comfortable feeling for the round.
First half was only 318 instead of over 325 which I had in mind. Again, the small pressure changes on the grip made the group jump all over the target. Second half waas 317, so again the shooting wasn't okay. Result from the olympic round was 635 giving me sixth position but the score still lacked fifteen points from my goal.

After the 70m round there was also a Elitserien match round which I took part of. The first match went pretty badly as I shot a nice group bit low in the seven-eight border. For the second six-arrow end I managed to make proper sight adjustment and whot five arrows in ten and sixth low right in six. That didn't give me enough points to win the match so I headed to pack my bow and arrows. Luckily Göran mentioned to me that the match wasn't over but every archer will shoot matches until the end. The rest of the matches didn't go too well either, I was feeling quite tired and losing the first match somehow had made me too annoyed to concentrate in shooting. I won only one match with a score of 109.

The way back home started round five o'clock in the evening. I was dozing off most of the bussride back to Seinäjoki but still I cound having only 3-4h of sleep. From Seinäjoki we drove again to Marko's place where I jumped in my own card, opened a bottle of Battery and drove home. Faling down to my couch at eight Monday morning felt quite weird. I struggled awake until twelve and had a three hour nap. I spent the day and evening mostly lying on couch watching movies and in the evening finally had good nights sleep.

The competition was again a great opportunity to start shooting the outdoor distances. Many thanks for that to Luleå Bågskyttesällskap and Genesis. I'm really looking forwards for the next years tournament.

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