torstai 23. lokakuuta 2008

And some more hall practice

I just managed to have an early dinner before Pasi came to pick me up from the hotel.
We drove to the hall where there was only one junior practicing who ended his practice after a few ends. After that we continued shooting in six arrow series.

The first few ends were a bit tough to pull through but after a while the shots became easier. I was actually able to again get the pull in right place and the shoulderblade seemed to work pretty okay. The longer I shot, the better it felt and in the end the shots were very relaxed. I thin there was just some uncomfortable yesterday in the shooting as the hall was new to me and there was loads of new people around chatting and shooting. In that sense it would be nice to be able to shoot more in unfamiliar surroundings with new people as it would make it easier to shoot in international competitions.

I shot a total of 152 arrows tonight which was about the minimun practice I have planned for myself of which the last arrows we shot a small competition with Pasi. We shot 1x10, 2x9, 3x8, 4x7 and 5x6 arrows to spot targets and Pasi won the competition easily. It's pretty hard to shoot somewhere else than in the middle with sight without a pin.

Anyways it was really nice to have another practice evening while traveling and big thanks for that goes to Pasi and his club.

Tomorrow I'll fly back home after the last course day and will shoot next time on Saturday.

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