keskiviikko 22. lokakuuta 2008

Hall practice

I managed to slip away from the classroom today pretty early as I had chance to complete the exercises pretty fast. Back to the lovely Holiday Inn Airport to have some early dinner and then a quick lie-down at the room.
Pasi came to fetch me around 7PM and we headed to his practice hall which was located on the way to Antwerpen. The hall was actually closer to Antwerpen than Brussel, but the distances aren't too long here so it wasn't too long a drive.

The clubhouse was actually pretty nice. The shooting range had a wall-wide butt made of straws with eight shooting spots. The butt worked quite well. It was easy to pull out the arrows unless you hit a spot where nobody had shot before and I couldn't see the straw burning to the arrows. The distance was 18m. The clubhouse also has a nice little pub as a social area with real bar desk, audio and TV etc. medals and archery pictures decorating the walls making the place very cozy.

The shooting was quite flaky tonight. I couldn't just get the position right and the shooting just felt way too stiff. Also the black string doesn't work at all in a dimmer shooting range as I had terrible problems with string alignment. Anyways I managed to shoot 123 arrows tonight which was pretty okay and of course just had to have one local beer at the clubhouse pub in the end.

Overall a very nice evening practicing during the courseweek. Much better choice than to go strolling around the city especially when the last trains seem to come back to Diegem pretty early in the evening.

Pasi promised to take me shooting also tomorrow evening when there should be less clubmembers around as tonight was their official club evening so I might get a bit more arrows shot. Tonight it was three arrows at the time except for Pasi and I who somehow kept shooting four at the time. Hopefully nobody carries too bad grudge towards us ;)

I also bumped into a fella shooting compound who's also going to F2F. Unfortunately my traditional lack of ability to remember anyones name longer that five minutes hit me again and I cannot remember his name.

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The Pasi kirjoitti...

It was Marc Braeckman. In this page his picture,


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Täytyypä moikata herraa sitten Damissa.