lauantai 14. helmikuuta 2009

Ilves Cup Indoor - Day one preliminary round

We had an early wake up 6:30AM. Quick shower and off to breakfast. We were wondering where the rest of the people were. Surprisingly we forgot to inform them the previous evening that the breakfast was in the main building. Sorry Anne and the rest for that!

Shooting started with two practice rounds after some wild warming up with the rubberband. Local rules say that only two three-arrow ends are allowed as warmup/practice before the competition.

During the first round my shooting was pretty stiff and unrelaxed. I managed to even shoot one seven. The result for the first 30 arrows was 284 which wasn't quite the score I was looking for.

Second round started with 29 and 28 so I thought the score would be about the same. Then something clicked in place and I started shooting very relaxed shots which resulted in six "10-bingo's" in a row. Wahey! The last two ends were again 28 and 29 which gave me result of 294 points from the second half. That was more the way I had been planning to shoot.

End result was 578 which was in line with my previous competitions. Very nice preliminary round for me even though the first half was a biyt of a flop.

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