lauantai 14. helmikuuta 2009

Ilves Cup Indoor - Travel day

I picked up Antti from Pasila around one o'clock and we headed to the western harbor to catch the ferry. Everything went fine and we got into the ferry almost immediately and the ferry ride went well too.
Driving to Järvakandi was quite pleasant this time due to the better navigator software and map pack which actually showed all the small roads along the way and also keps us on the faster and bigger roads.
In Järvakandi we had a small sightseeing tour as I couldn't recall the actual turns to get to the Ilves clubhouse. The surroundings just looked so much different now on winter time than summertime when I was last time driving around Järvakandi.

We managed to have a nice one and half hour practice in the clubhouse even though my arrows seemes to pull wildly to left which I tried to compensate with sight.

We are staying in Voerahansu puuhkemaja for the weekend, this time in the separate red house instead of the main building. Rooms were ok and I managed to sleep well after we had created perfect strategies for Saturday.

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