sunnuntai 15. helmikuuta 2009

Ilves Cup Indoor - Day two, matches

Alarm clock went off six AM and we headed for breakfast seven o'clock. Next step was in the local clubhouse where we were allowed to start practicing after eight.
In the beginning it was a bit crowded and as the compounds started their matches first, we gave them a bit of room. When they left for the main venue, it was pretty nice and spacy to shoot.

For the whole hour we warmed up I kept again shooting about 15cm low left. I tried to correct it with the sight but nothing seemed to help. I checked the string alignment and noticed that the arrow tip was pointing somewhere in between the riser and string. Not good. So I made a brief adjustment to the plunger which didn't help in moving the grout to middle. Also generic grouping was really bad.

I had some serious doubts about the bow when I entered the match venue where Antti kindly pointed out that I had my limbs attached to the riser the wrong way, lower limb as upper etc. I was pretty p:d off to myself when I noticed this but luckily I had still time to switch the limbs around and return the plunger adjustment to the original position.

First match against Raimo went nicely and I shot 117 while making small corrections to the sight. Next round was against Antti to whom I lost after shooting 116 against his 118. So I was in the bronze matches where Antti went after gold. I won the bronze match by shooting 116. Steady shooting I'd say. Antti had some problems in the gold match which he lost to Siim.

All in all, very nice competition in Järvakandi. I managed to again shoot a steady 60-arrow round nearing 580 points, also shooting pretty okay match scores.
Many thanks to Järvakandi Ilves club members for their great effort in arranging this competition this year also taking care of our accommodations.

Trip back home started much earlier than estinmated. We have our ferry tickets for the car for nine o'clock ferry to Helsinki. Currently we are sitting in one kohvik in Tallinn just spending time waiting for the ferry to come. We tried to get the car into the earlier ferry but unfortunately we were one car to late. Marko and his car got the last spot.

When arriving in Helsinki sometime in the middle of the night the plan is to maybe pick up some leftover arrows from WT hall and head to Eerikkilä. When we get there the grand plan is to get keys to our rooms and try to get at least some sleep before the wake up call for breakfast fires off.

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